Temporary Paris – The Perfect Place to Discover Modern Art and Contemporary Creation

As a city that constantly reinvents itself, intérim Paris temporary Paris is the perfect place to discover modern art and contemporary creation. The exhibitions on offer are numerous, varied and always accompanied by lectures, debates and other events to delve deeper into each theme.

From the Symbolist Constantin Brancusi to the monumental sculptural ensemble of I.M. Pei, discover the full range of works by these two renowned artists in the former workshop and residence of the painter: wall to wall with paintings, drawings and sculptures (“Les Pretendants”, “Jupiter et Semele”).

The Museum also houses a reconstitution of the artist’s studio which, thanks to its dimensions and lighting, offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves completely in the creative process of this symbolist master.

Temporary Work in Paris: A Guide to Finding the Right Agency

Throughout the Games, seven temporary sites will be set up at the Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars, Invalides esplanade, Alexandre III bridge and Place de la Concorde to host competitions and celebrations. The corresponding zones will be marked with fencing and filtering points for motorized vehicles (buses, cars and trucks). Ile-de-France Mobilites and RATP will progressively modify bus traffic near venues as soon as they are set up to guarantee continuity of public transport services.

If you wish to rent out your apartment in Paris, the following rules and regulations apply: – Only primary residents may short term let their properties. – Owners must register their property with the local council to comply with housing, short term rental and tourist legislation. – If owners change the use of their property from residential to commercial, they must obtain a compensation permit. For more information, check with the charge of the department in charge of housing at your local Town Hall.

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