Check Malicious IPs Online

In a time when bad actors roam freely on the internet, checking malicious IPs online is one of the most important tasks for your cyber security team. Malicious IP addresses are a danger to your digital assets and company data. They could be used to host phishing websites, drop malware, or carry out other unwanted behavior. A quick and simple way to identify these suspicious IPs is by leveraging blacklists.

The good news is that there are many tools and databases to help you do this. These are known as IP reputation lists or blacklists. By referencing these lists, you can block malicious IPs from entering your system without disrupting legitimate traffic. However, bad actors change their IP addresses all the time, so a comprehensive list needs to be used in conjunction with an effective firewall and cybersecurity solution.

Real-Time Monitoring: Tools to Check Malicious IPs Online

The free tool above is a great place to begin. It can quickly identify which blacklists have your IP address on it and provides a summary of the reason for that listing. If you are listed multiple times, you may want to consider contacting the blacklist services directly and following their delisting process. Alternatively, you can use our IP Risk Score API to identify the most suspicious IPs and integrate that information into your databases and security systems. This allows you to automatically block risk-scored IPs and prevent account takeover and credential stuffing attacks. Learn more about Criminal IP and get a demo today.