Canesta – A Review of a CBD and Hemp Marketing Agency

Client Verge Incorporated is rapidly growing, and companies in the sector need to ensure their products are being seen by as many consumers as possible. This is where CBD and hemp marketing agencies come in – these companies offer expertise and knowledge of the regulations to help businesses establish a strong online presence and position their brands for success.

Canesta is a full-funnel digital agency that focuses on helping CBD brands grow, both short and long-term. They utilize a combination of data analysis, consumer insights and a creative out-of-the-box approach to deliver the best results for their clients.

Inside Look: How a CBD & Hemp Marketing Agency Drives Results

Unlike traditional SEO, CBD-related content marketing often makes health claims about the benefits of certain supplements and/or cannabis. It is important to note that CBD and hemp-related marketing should always be accompanied by an appropriate disclaimer.

CBD and hemp are among the fastest-growing product sectors in the United States. However, advertising options for these products are still limited due to a lack of clarity in terms of federal and state laws. As a result, ‘cannapreneurs‘ are usually limited to using social media and content marketing to promote their CBD products. To increase the reach of their CBD marketing, it is a good idea to use email newsletters and automated drip campaigns. These tools are great for generating awareness, building trust and brand/product loyalty, as well as bringing back qualified website traffic.

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